Preparation phase - June 2002
August 2003 - Semi-finished boat, crazed builder, very tolerant wife....
The Solartanic was largely constructed from 3/8 inch marine grade plywood. The joints were formed using fiberglass filets, a technique often called "stitch and glue" construction, and then the whole exterior was coated with fiberglass.
Construction Details and Photos
Early construction - July 2002
More hull work - Aug/Sep 2002
Completed Hull - July 2003
Topside work - Aug 2003
Launching - August 20, 2003
I built the hull in three sections - a 13 foot center section and two 4.5 foot sections for the bow and stern. This made the individual sections easier to handle but wound up involving a lot of extra work. In the end, I had to buy a trailer to move the completed boat anyway so if I were doing it over I would just build a single piece hull. The following pages show construction of the Solartanic.
Solartanic Rev 2.0 - 2004
Interior work - May 2004
Final Assembly - June 2004