After a couple of very long days, the Solartanic is launched on Friday, August 20, 2003. It was dusk so the background is a bit dark.
19) - 10 seconds after launching. The tail lights are the truck of my friendly neighbor Dave, who towed us to the boat ramp,
20) - A tired but happy man in his very own boat.
21) - The next day with rudimentary funnels, mast and lights rigged.
22) - Detail of the stern. Note steering gear connected to modified trolling motor in well.
23) - A single 65 watt solar panel was originally used to recharge the batteries. Since the boat is only intended for intermittent use, it proved more efficient to mount the panel on the dock instead of the boat. This allows proper orientation to take full benefit of available sunshine. I have added a 2nd panel to support a 24 volt system and reduce the charging time. See the "solar notes" section for more details.
It Floats! - August 20, 2003
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