My name is Kevin Cassidy and I live on beautiful Lake Boon in Stow, Massachusetts. I wanted a boat for gracefully cruising around the lake - something quiet, non-polluting and just a little bit different. No existing boat I saw met all my requirements. So I built my own boat and named it the "Solartanic". Then I built this website to support a few main topics:
Info on the Solartanic -
Introducing the
The top goes up so I can take some friends along.....
Last Update: 10/31/2005
And the Solartanic looks really cool at night.....
Copyright 2004 Kevin J. Cassidy
A 22 foot, six passenger solar-electric launch with lots of personality....
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What are the practical realities of alternate energy? What can we do to help things along? Click on the AE links at left for my opinions and observations on AE in general and solar boating in particular.
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In the meantime, take a closer look at the Solartanic.